Life is Full of Opportunity

I haven’t written here in quite awhile and I know I have some followers who come to look for updates, so I thought it was only considerate to share what we have been up to.

Life has been unpredictable in many ways.

We have had some family heath scares in the past few months that have quickly made us realize how valuable the time we have together is. While the weather is getting warmer, we have made a conscious effort to spend extra time getting out to see family. It’s the little moments that I have learned to love and cherish.

We have had several home renovation projects that we are excited to share in the coming weeks as we add all of the finishing touches. Keep checking back on social media to see some before and after pictures!

As an influencer, I have been able to grow tremendously in the past two months and have already achieved so many goals. I recently reached 10k on Instagram, which was a huge accomplishment as an influencer. More followers have started to take my recommendations more seriously as they learn that I only try to share items that are truly loved and used by my family. I have also solidified a few large brand collaborations recently and I am still in disbelief at those opportunities. If you are unfamiliar with the effort that coincides being an influencer, it’s far from easy. The ideas, the planning, the implementing, the follow through… all parts of the job that people don’t see. It’s challenging, but as always I love a good challenge.

While returning to a somewhat normal work schedule and being able to see more of my students during the day,  I have also started streaming Live on Amazon in the evenings. During these livestreams, I share products that I find useful and/or interesting with others around the country. I also try to incorporate a livestream, or two, sharing great deals. This opportunity has been amazing and I have been able to connect with some great brands and some very dedicated viewers.

Last but certainly not least, my journey as a girl mom continues to be amaze me. While I miss the days that she cuddled and let me hold her, I enjoy being able to watch her grow from day to day. I have been blessed to see so many important milestones in her life and it’s been the one silver lining within the pandemic.

While we all have struggled to find that silver lining at times, it’s there. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and open our eyes to really find out where it lies.