Saving the Environment…as a Mom

As i have gotten older, I have really started to notice all of the damage that is done daily to our environment. The pollution, the waste and the diapers. Yes, the diapers.

Did you know an estimated 20 billion disposable diapers are thrown into landfills each year? That’s a lot, right? However the true mind blowing fact is that it takes 500 years for each of those diapers to decompose.

What will happen when we run out of room in the environment for trash and diapers? As more babies are born, these numbers are just going to continue to increase.

My goal as a mom is to set a good example for my daughter. To raise her to make the right choices in her daily life. Setting this example begins now. What can I do as a mom to help with the amount of diaper waste? Well I could use cloth diapers, but I am really not a fan of those no matter who tries to persuade me.

However, Nest diapers are plant-based compostable diapers that are created to help make the world better. It always baffles m

e that diaper companies that make astronomical amounts of sales and profits have no interest in creating eco-friendly diapers. Before Nest, we always wore Huggies and then I thought. a lot and asked myself, “What would I want my daughter to do?” Well I would want her to make the environmentally conscious decision. Therefore it starts with my ex

ample. Why not make the choice that is more environmentally conscious. It’s affordable, it’s comfortable and it’s helping us keep our environment a little cleaner. It may not seem like much, but it’s a step in the right direction. It’s being the example that I hope my daughter will someday follow.