Feeling Good in the New Year

We all make New Years resolutions whether they are official or not. As I reflect on 2020, I too have set out to create some resolutions for myself.

When I think hard about what I would like to improve, everything around me is what I notice. I want to improve my home, my cleaning schedule, my finances, my eating habits, working out, my work/home separation… the normal responses. I never really consider myself when making these new goals. Am I involved? Yes, but are they all about me? No. They involve my entire family or will benefit my family in some way. With this in mind, I interviewed some moms and asked them one question, “What are the best home feelings as a mom?” Here is a list of some of the responses I received:

An empty sink and a clean kitchen -Radha

Seeking no laundry piles and a clean sink – Julianne

Walking in and finding the floor swept -Shaylene

Laundry folded and put away -Hali

Fresh pour-over -Tori

Empty sink and laundry done -Becca

Laundry done! -Kate

Empty laundry baskets and clean rooms -Angela

A clean kitchen with a candle lit -Sarah

The smell of dinner cooking -Delainya

A clean living room that is freshly vacuumed with the window open and fresh air -Rebecca

A cleaned out fridge. Like not just straightened. Drawer and shelves taken out and washed. Best feeling ever! -Erin

Vacuumed rugs -Katie

Clean kitchen and an organized playroom before bed -Supreet

Empty sink and dishwasher -Summer

Freshly brewed coffee -Audrey

Sleeping in on Saturday mornings while my husband wakes up with the kids and makes breakfast -Mommy

Clean sheets and a bed that has been made -The Unexpected Girl Mama


Now you are probably wondering why I shared this information with you, my readers. All of the responses above are fairly simple and make a mom feel good, right? So why not make these specific tactics part of our resolution. In efforts to make ourselves feel better and therefore everything around us better, consider yourself and your feelings when making your resolutions for 2021. After all, we learned a lot in 2020 🙂 Life is short. Do the simple things that make you feel good.