Here comes the holiday rush…

Well I thought with COVID-19, the holidays would look somewhat different this year.

I thought wrong.

This year seems to be just as chaotic as all the others and possibly even more so due to limited options and availabilities. However, our family has decided to make the best of it.

No we have not decorated the house yet, but we are currently wallowing in celebration of our goals in 2020. Not only did I become an influencer/blogger, both of us earned Masters degrees within 6 months, we began the FBA business and got to stay home with our daughter for 12 whole months.

While I am ready to be back into the swing of working my normal job, I don’t regret one second of the time I have gotten due to the pandemic. We recently got to experience first words, clapping and first steps with our little one and those are moments that we will never be able to replace.

As we make our family goal list for November and December, a lot of the items on the list seemed lucrative or unimportant, so we updated our goal list to focus more on family during these upcoming holidays. We have always tried to provide experiences for gifts vs. tangible things. This year changed those hopes and we instead are trying to create meaningful/useful gifts that cannot be replaced.

We started last weekend by getting family pictures done. It was the first time we had ever gotten a professional photographer to do any photos (other than our wedding) and needless to say they turned out way better than I expected. If you need an idea to purchase this holiday season, order a photo session. Not only are you creating a memory that is concrete, you are supporting a local small business. We look forward to sharing more of our influencer ideas and experiences in the upcoming weeks.

We hope all families have a wonderful and safe holiday this season!