It’s been Awhile…

Life has continued to be a joy watching our little one grow. Other than our continuous parenting challenges, teaching from home has been hectic, but we have finally gotten into a good routine as a family.

Our little one also went to the sitter for a half day recently and was very well behaved and made the day very easy for this mama. She is very ready to walk and has learned how to bounce around the house holding on to things to help her. We still do not have any teeth and are predicting that they will all come at one time. We are ready to share our best teething remedies in the near future with all of our mama friends.

Our family has continued to product test and influence others around us with multiple big partnerships including Vessi footwear, Golli gummies, Pure Defense sanitizer and Evolve hair products. We are excited to share our experiences with all these products on our blog and social media in the upcoming weeks.