Teaching from Home

First and foremost, I would just like to remind everyone that we are in a pandemic.

This Fall, my school district has chosen distance learning for most students due to measures beyond their control. They asked each teacher whether they would like to stay home (distance learning or DL) or take part in the hybrid model (traditional and DL). With a little one, fairly young, I chose DL.

I will also say, I chose to teach. Every student will be getting my full effort and attention during their working hours. Is it easy with a little one? No. I knew it was going to be challenging it, but I saw it is an opportunity to keep my family safe. Being around 90-150 students on a daily basis without having control of their health behaviors at home, concerned me.

I do understand where single parents, working parents and overwhelmed parents are coming from too. If you have not worked with 30 children for 5+ hours a day, learning new things, it’s a challenge. All parents are ready to go back to their daily routine of work with no children in tow. We know this as teachers and we cannot change the district decision that was made. A lot of us teachers, don’t have anywhere to send our own children if schools/daycares remain closed.

I am doing my best to make sure my students are emotionally healthy, they learn something every day, they are loved and that my own family stays healthy at the same time. I will say that coffee, HelloFresh and my school family has helped keep me sane. Please excuse the continuous posts and updates about my experience as an educator and mama.